Dioscorea orbiculata var. orbiculata

Conservation status: 

IUCN red list category LC (IUCN 2001). See Thapyai et al. (2005).

Diagnostic description: 

Plant pubescent, indumentum present on all parts except inner whorl tepals, hairs usually dense on young shoots and inflorescences, sparse with age; nodal prickles often present, 2–2.5 mm long, straight or curved, cataphylls often prickly on dorsal surface.


Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia (lectotype) and Indonesia (Sumatra). Possibly also in southern peninsular Thailand.


Moist evergreen forest; 50–300 m.


Tuber edible, presumably cooked (Prain & Burkill 1938).


Flowering August–January, fruiting November–February.

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