Dioscorea orbiculata var. tenuifolia

Conservation status: 

IUCN red list category LC (IUCN 2001). See Thapyai et al. (2005).

Diagnostic description: 

All parts of plant glabrous except very young axillary buds with dense, simple pubescence, nodal prickles and cataphyll prickles absent. Leaf surfaces rather shiny. Male inflorescences often damaged by galls.


Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore (type), Indonesia (Sumatra).


Moist evergreen forest and possibly mixed deciduous forest; 50–200 m.


Tuber edible, presumably cooked (Burkill 1951).


Flowering August–January, fruiting November–February.

Taxonomic Notes: 

The positive geotropism of the male partial inflorescences described by Prain & Burkill (1938) is hard to see in herbarium specimens. Usually all the partial inflorescences at a node are orientated above a line at right-angles through that node.

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